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Rick Young asks... "What's In Your Hand... Talent, Ability, A Gift, or Skill?!

Rick interviews... Apolonia Edwards

What's In Your Hand Apolonia Edwards? 

"Faith & Trust In The Lord”

All About Hoarding - National Geographic Channel

Apolonia Edwards customized programs will help YOU develop new skill sets to facilitate growth at your own pace.

It doesn’t matter if you need help de-cluttering your life and/or home she has the necessary tools to assist you make changes that can apply in your personal, and professional life.

Apolonia  likes to clean because it is very therapeutic for her, and it’s important for her to have a neat and orderly environment; it’s a necessity for structure in my life.

There are no words to express the sense of accomplishment Apolonia feels in creating an orderly environment for her clients.

Each new job (hoarding cases, crime scene/bio hazard, rubbish removal) she sees it as a puzzle to be figured out putting the pieces back into place, or a masterpiece to be restored.

Rick Asks.
.. What's In Your Hand? Tell Us Your Story... Maybe You'll Be Interviewed!




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