GET RICH... By Telling People Where To Go

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Rick Young asks... "What's In Your Hand... Talent, Ability, A Gift, or Skill?!

Rick interviews Lee Romanov, author of the book:
GET RICH... By Telling People Where To Go.
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What's In Your Hand... Lee Romanov?

"I just decide to do it. When I venture into something I know nothing about, 
I find that I'm
unencumbered by experience... so I get to do it my way." 

Your Opinion Is Worth Money - STOP Giving It Away For Free 

Everyday you're recommending to people which companies to go to. You tell them the best spa to go to, which nutritionist to see, or the lawyer that gives free consultations.  
But… when you do it online you can get paid for it by the companies you're already recommending… BIG Time! 

You can now be your own AngiesList!

Give Up Your Facebook DRAMA For Dollars

Put your own content, on your own website, with your own pay-per-click ads, and send leads to companies you recommend... and get paid for it. Every time you add content to your Facebook profile, Facebook is making money
from your friends clicking on ads, NOT you.

STOP... 'Liking companies' if they're not paying you for your likes! 

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Rick Asks... What's In Your Hand?  Tell Him Your Story... Maybe You'll Be Interviewed!

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