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I was the first person to allow drivers to run a rate comparison for the lowest car insurance rates in the world.

I was fought on every level by the insurance industry. After I put all their rates online, they knew they couldn't stop me, and soon companies like Progressive Insurance started doing rate comparisons online too. Now everyone does.

But I was mad about the insurance industry's 'HUGE Money Grab' charging young drivers up to 4 times more than they charge adults for their car insurance. If you don't have an accident, you shouldn't be charged as if you did!

So I took 100,000 driver profiles, and compared their ages to their accidents, and found that there was less than a 2% spread between drivers under 20 years old to drivers over 40 years old. This confirmed, to me, that there was NO reason why a young driver's rates should be doubled, even quadrupled! Then I compared their accidents to their astrological sign, and found that there was over a 40% spread!


So I wrote a short press release saying... Insurance companies have it wrong. They should be basing their rates on the driver's astrological sign, NOT on the driver's age! 

Well you'd think I drove my car through the front door of Allstate and ran down all the actuarists. FOX News, CNN, BBC, CBC, CTV, Global TV, and many other news outlets were clambering to get the scoop. Obviously they felt the same injustice as I did. In one day I had over 1 million people that came to my website. I even bumped Brad & Angelina off the home page of MSN... even Jennifer Aniston would have had trouble doing that!

I never thought there was any merit in charging different insurance rates for different driving profiles. That being said, I'm a little nervous getting into a car whose driver's astrological sign is a RAM!

What's In My Hand? 

I have no fear of corporate bullies. The insurance companies were always threatening me with law suits, trying to stop me from quoting car insurance rates online. They were toothless lions. They wanted to keep their rates hidden from the public. They didn't care if someone was paying higher rates, when they could have been paying $100s, even $1000s of dollars less, but I did.

Car Carma

Car Carma is a light hearted look at
Driver's Astrological Signs.

The more you that know about tickets,
accidents, insurance, and the law the
easier it will be maneuver around the
potholes of life.

Just don't read this book while driving! 

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Lee Romanov
President of Income Activator

Lee Romanov also wrote a book entitle; GET RICH.... By Telling People Where To Go

Like I took on the insurance industry, Lee is doing the same for online for people going broke trying to figure out how to make money online. 

She created a website program that allows you to send leads to companies you recommend to people. You do this everyday, you tell people who the best fitness instructor is to go to, where you can get the best massage, or which lawyer will give you a free consultation. When you do this online... you can get paid for it.

It's a great way to start building passive income and then it can slowly grow into your passion, allowing you to work from anywhere in the world, at anytime.

Please complete the form to the right to get a free copy of this book.

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